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 Barefoot Bowls Brisbane  

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Looking for Barefoot Bowls in Brisbane?

Barefoot Bowls Brisbane is growing in popularity at a phenomenal rate. It is a great way to get to know the game of bowls, without having to spend on bowls equipment to do so. Attire for the game is totally casual/mufti and you can wear flat soled shoes if you have them, otherwise you just play barefoot. 


Barefoot Bowls Once a Month 

At Brighton Bowls, we have a monthly Barefoot Bowls Brisbane day on the first Sunday of the month. It is open to the public and all ages. For insurance reasons you have to be 12 or over to play.


Just turn up by 9:30 to register, and for $10 per person, you will get 3 hours of bowls (10am to 1pm) followed by a B.B.Q. lunch. You can't beat that for value. Bowls are supplied, and for anyone who has never played, the basics are explained below.


Barefoot Bowls Brisbane Weekends 

Providing the greens are not already booked for club competitions or inter club rivalry, the greens may be available to book barfoot bowls. Please contact us if you would like to book barefoot bowls over any weekend outside of our monthly barefoot bowls above.

Barefoot Bowls Brisbane Christmas Party 

Looking to book an end of year work function? Barefoot bowls is a great way to thank your employees. Contact us regarding availability and packages. See Functions See Catering

Bowls Basics and Rules

Bowls Green Layout




Rink: area in which play takes place - a flat grassed area, bounded by boundary pegs

End: An end is completion of a team's bowling from mat to jack. A game is made up of a number of Ends

Centre Line: the line down the centre of the rink

Jack (kitty in Qld): small white ball, rolled out along the centreline, the idea is to get bowls as close as possible to it

Bowls: the bowl is used by the player, up to four each, weighted on one side causing it to curve as it rolls

Mat: Placed on the centre line, players stand on it to bowl - one foot has to stay in touch with mat during bowl delivery.

Game Types: Can be singles, pairs, tripples or fours - between 2 and  4 players per team - 2 teams per game






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